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Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Leica


Descew your pictures automatically. This is possible with the LensTRUE System for the first time in history. The LensTRUE System consists of the LensTRUE meter that measures and records the angular position of the camera in the moment you shoot. In the second step the picture files and the recorded angular data are combined in our software LensTRUE visualizer and the pictures get descewed with a click.

Even pictures without reference lines or rectangular objects are corrected automatically so the proportions are correct. If the horizon should be lopsided it will be corrected too. The results are perfectly descewed pictures with natural proportions. Even the newest functions of software-only solutions can not do that.

The LensTRUE System converts every lens measured by us into a shift lens, even zoom lenses. You can use any focal length and take your pictures without tripod.

The LensTRUE System allows corrections of up to 35 angular degrees while tilt-shift lenses can correct up to a maximum of 11 degrees before strong optical disadvantages like edge blur impair the picture.


Descewing with the LensTRUE System makes sense for all areas of photography, not only for architectural and product photography.


Our videos demonstrate the LensTRUE System in comparison with other solutions.


Download the demo of our Software LensTRUE visualizer here. As you cannot take test shots of your own without a LensTRUE meter we integrated example pictures with angular data for correction in the demo. You can compare the pictures before and after correction and do a virtual change of perspective with the Y control. If you want to compare the LensTRUE visualizer with other software you can download the example pictures here and try to correct them in other programs. For the Y control there is no known other solution.

Automatic correction in the LensTRUE visualizer

Open your pictures and start batch processing with one click. The result are perfectly corrected pictures.Do you want to get the horizontal lines parallel like in central perspective? Increase or decrease the value for Y for a virtual change of perspective. In our example picture we set the edge of the roof of the white house parallel with the horizon.

Our software LensTRUE visualizer displays the pictures after the import in the left hand section. Select one or several pictures. The selected picture will be displayed larger in the middle section and to it’s right the descewed version is displayed where you can select a crop rectangle. With a click on Save Cropped the descewed picture will be saved into the destination folder. If you prefer to do the cropping later in an image manipulation program such as Adobe Lightroom, click Save Full Size. With Process selected Images you save all selected pictures in a batch process. RAW pictures are processed with the same converter used by Apple’s program Aperture.

If you want to change the correction by hand, enable Adjust Transformations and raise, for example, the X-value to let vertical lines converge upwards. Pictures of buildings taken from the ground can look more natural due to our viewing habits. It really is simple like that and it always works. The photo magazine Digital photo confirms this. Please see also our Press Review page.


Our LensTRUE System has been presented on the Canon Studio Tour to an interested specialist public along with the new EOS 5Ds and EOS 5DsR and the latest Hensel studio flashes. More…



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